Berizol – waterproofing roll material

Full description:
Berizol is a modern bitumen-polymer built-up waterproofing material based on fiberglass (fiberglass, polyester canvas).
Berizol is produced in accordance with STB 1107-98.

Release form:
Is issued in rolls.
Roll width – 1±0.01 m.
Roll length 10 m.
Roll area 10±0.5 m2.

Shipment form:
Stored on pallets of 23-25 ​​pcs.


tensile strengthfor fiberglass and polyester backing, N not less than: 500
tensile strengthfor materials based on fiberglass, N not less than: 300
elongation at break for materials based on polyester, % not less than: 30
elongation at break for glass-based materials, % not less than: 2
flexibility when testing a sample on a bar with a rounding radius of 15 mm, °C1 -15
heat resistance, ° С 100
water resistance under pressure not less than 0.5 MPa for 10 minutes. sustainable
weight 1 m2, kg 2,0-7,0
cover weight, g/m2 3000-7000