Road bitumen

Full description:
Produced in accordance with GOST 33133-2014.
Marks of produced road bitumen: 70/100 and 50/70
Road bitumen is used:
in road construction for the production of asphalt concrete
in construction – due to its insolubility in water, the material is used in waterproofing works in relation to buildings and structures, pipelines, foundations.
in roofing works for the production of soft roofing materials: rolled and in the form of tiles.
Additionally, bitumen is used as electrical insulation in the electrical industry, in the finishing of wood, leather and paper products, in the manufacture of battery mastics, in the manufacture of cable and paint products, in precision casting.

Release form:

Shipment form:
It is shipped in road or rail tank cars by hermetic filling. This method provides prevention of injuries to service personnel due to the high temperature of heating the oil product.

In the future, the company considers the shipment of bitumen in the following format:
In Big-Bag bags made of polypropylene weighing 0.8-1 tons with an internal meltable liner;
Metal barrels of 190 kg;
Cubic clovertainer containers weighing 1 ton.