Bitumen modified

Modified bitumen

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SBS polymers are used to modify bitumen, which increase the reliability and durability of road surfaces. Modified bitumen has a number of high performance characteristics:
a wide range of operating temperatures – the difference between the temperatures of brittleness and softening is 100 degrees, while for ordinary bitumen it is 60;
asphalt concrete prepared using modified bitumen is highly resistant to deformation due to a higher degree of elasticity. Also, modified bitumen greatly slows down the aging process of asphalt concrete. Studies have shown that modified bitumen, which was removed from road surfaces after 10 years of operation, did not show any significant changes in viscosity.
The bitumen modification process is aimed at improving the properties of bitumen by combining bitumen with special polymeric additives. The introduction of a special polymer and the production of modified bitumen makes it possible to obtain improved properties of the substance: increased heat and frost resistance, increased load resistance, better elasticity and durability.
Produced according to STB 1220-2020.

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Loading into tank trucks in multiples of a ton